What Size Collar for German Shepherd Puppy Is Suitable? Detailed Guide 2022

A puppy wears a collar not only for fashion purposes but also because it is necessary for its safety. A collar is a valuable tool that allows you to control your pet and prevent it from being lost and injured. However, the fact is if the puppy wears an inappropriately sized collar, it can cause physical problems or wounds on his neck.

This article will mainly address the question of What Size Collar for German shepherd Puppy is considered appropriate, and will discuss other important information regarding the collars that the first-time dog owner should know.

Based on my personal experience with my German shepherd, I have concluded some points regarding the size of a German shepherd puppy’s collar. Here I will discuss these points about what size collar for a german shepherd puppy is suitable.

What I Will Learn?

What Size Collar Should I Get For My Puppy?

A German shepherd puppy requires a collar whose size is enough to fit his age. The reason behind it is that if the collar is too small or too large, it can cause developmental problems.

Many new dog owners tend to buy their puppies’ collars in big sizes because they want them to wear them for a longer time, but doing this is not acceptable as it will cause physical problems for the German shepherd.

What Size Collar for German Shepherd Puppy Is Appropriate?

The appropriate size of the collar is usually 1 inch more than the age of a German shepherd. Therefore, when your German shepherd is 4 months old, you should buy a collar of 5 inches in size for him.

The larger the size of the collar is, the faster it will lose its shape and your German shepherd may escape out of it. If the collar is too small then the puppy may face difficulty in breathing and will choke frequently.

How To Get The Right Size Collar For Your German Shepherd Puppy?

To get the right-size collar for your German Shepherd Puppy, you need to measure the puppy’s neck carefully. Make sure you measure his neck just behind the ears and don’t forget to measure its height as well. Then buy a collar whose size is slightly larger (not more than 2 inches) than the measured size.

The best way to measure the size of your German shepherd’s collar is by using a measuring tape around his neck. You should be standing behind your dog while you are doing this, and if he has on any harness make sure it is loose for accurate measurement. If you don’t follow these instructions, the result might not turn out accurately.

What Kind Of Collar Does A German Shepherd Puppy Need?

As far as the collars are concerned, my personal experience with German shepherds has taught me that they require both leather and buckle collars. Collars made of plastic or nylon easily break in case of sudden accidents. In my opinion, a German shepherd is a strong dog breed and requires a strong collar.

Sizes of Best Collars For German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies

Different types of collars have different sizes. These most common collars and their size for German shepherd puppies are:

  1. Neon Collar: For a German shepherd puppy, a neon collar’s size would be 4-6 inches in size.
  2. Leather Collar: A leather collar is also an appropriate option for your pet because it looks trendy. For a German shepherd puppy, a leather collar of 4-5 inches in size will be appropriate.
  3. Chain Collar: A chain collar with its 3-4 inches size is also an ideal option for your pet and it also protects him from different dangers such as getting caught by other animals or people with bad intentions.
  4. Martingale Collar: A martingale collar is a special kind of collar that is used to train your pet because it tightens when the dog pulls and loosens up when he stops pulling. This type of collar is appropriate for German shepherds in sizes 1-2 inches.

Why Right-Sized Collar Is Necessary For German Shepherd Puppies?

German shepherd puppies are very energetic and they move every place. For this reason, German shepherd puppies need a collar that is appropriate in size because if the collar is too small or too large, it can cause problems for them.

The collar whose size is not appropriate can harm puppies’ neck blood vessels and stop the proper circulation of blood to important organs. This problem can cause physical damage to the dog’s body. Therefore, you should buy your German shepherd puppy a collar whose size is appropriate to avoid dangerous consequences for him.

What Size Collar for German Shepherd Puppy- Conclusions

To conclude we can say that the right-sized collar is important for German shepherd puppies. If you are a new dog owner, it is recommended to buy your German shepherd puppy an appropriate-sized collar because it not only looks good on him but also protects him from different dangers.


1. How Big Is A German Shepherd’s Puppy Neck?

The size of a German shepherd puppy’s neck is around 6-7 inches.  However, it is important to remember that this size varies from dog to dog.

2. How Big Is A 2-Month-Old German Shepherd?

The size of a 2-month-old German shepherd is around 8 inches. However, the size varies from dog to dog.

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