How To Use A Choke Collar On A Dog? Complete Guide 2022

A choke collar is a very useful training tool that can help you to train your dog in the right way.  It is also known as a slip collar or choker chain. A choke collar puts direct pressure on the dog’s neck when pulled by the leash. It mimics the mother dog’s bite during training sessions, forcing the puppy to pay attention and obey commands. The choke collar provides more control over your pet than a regular collar.

The question regarding how to use a choke collar on a dog is not a tricky one but you have to follow certain steps to ensure that you do it the right way. There is a certain way to put a choker chain on your pet’s neck to avoid any discomfort, irritation, or injury.

I found it very easy to use a choke collar on my dog, by following some steps. These steps are discussed below.

What I Will Learn?

How to Use A Choke Collar On A Dog?

To put a choke collar on a dog you need to follow the method given below:

  1. Attach the leash to your dog’s regular collar or harness. Do not attach it at the top of his neck as this will cause him discomfort.
  2. Hold both ends of the choke collar in one hand and open it by unfastening its clasp. You will find two rings on your pet’s collar, each at the opposite end.
  3. Open one ring by unhooking it with an open link. A small C-hook is used to close the opening of this link. Open that particular side of the circle by moving the opening towards you.
  4. Place your dog’s head through the opened hook of the ring, open it and hook it back to its original position so that his free collar is placed through this loop.
  5. On the other side of the loop, you will find another link. One end of this link has a long slit while the other end has a C-hook closure like on the other side.
  6. Open one end of this link, clip it to the D-ring of your dog’s leash.
  7. Now that your puppy’s collar is through the loop on one side and his free leash is through the other circle, adjust both rings so that they are snug against your pet’s neck. Make sure that there is enough space for you to put two fingers between the choke collar and your pet’s neck.
  8. You should not be able to fit more than two fingers between the collar and his neck for a proper adjustment.
  9. The leash should be attached to both sides of the ring so that, when you pull it, the choke chain puts pressure on your dog’s neck in a downward motion similar to the mother dog’s bite during training sessions.

Using A Choke Chain To Train A Dog

A choker chain is the most efficient collar to use when you are training your canine friend. It makes it easier for you to gain control over him. When used properly, this tool can be very useful in teaching your puppy some basic commands like ‘come’ and ‘stay’.

When using a choke chain on a dog, make sure that you do not tug on it more than necessary. This can seriously injure your pet and discourage him from obeying the commands given by you. It is also important to watch out for signs of distress in your dog while using a choke collar. If the pants excessively whine, and seem to be choking, remove the collar immediately.

Are Choke Collars Bad For Dogs?

The question to this answer depends on the usage of the choke collar. If the owner uses it for purposes other than training purposes, then it can be deemed as a negative use of the tool. It should only be used when you are trying to teach proper behavior to your puppy and should not be left on the dog permanently. Leaving it on for long also causes sores and wounds around the neck area.

However, if you limit its use to training, then it is not at all harmful for your dog. When the usage of the choke collar becomes excessive it might prove to be dangerous.


To sum up, it can be said that a choke collar is an effective tool to use during training sessions. When used correctly, the risks of side effects are minimal and this makes it a perfect alternative for many owners who do not want to use any other forms of training collars such as electronic shock collars. However, if one decides to use this training collar, it will be their responsibility to make sure that the collar does not result in any physical injury or discomfort for the dog.


Are choke collars illegal?

No, choke collars are not illegal unless they lead to physical injury or pain to the dog.

Can I leave a choke collar on my dog overnight?

No, you should never leave a choke collar on your pet overnight.  It may cause skin irritations or wounds on the neck. The use of choke collars should be restricted to training purposes only.

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