How To Train A Pitbull To Attack? Step By Step Guide

Pitbull is best known for its strong, powerful body and its athletic abilities. It is also known for its high level of motivation and energy. However, if not trained properly Pitbull can be very aggressive, noisy, and destructive. The question “how to train a Pitbull to attack?” has many answers, and we will try our best to explain all of them. Here in this article, I will share the method that I used to train my super energetic Pitbull to attack.

What I Will Learn?

What Resources Do You Need To Train Your Pitbull?

Below is a list of resources that I have used to train my Pitbull:

  • Gloves
  • A leash
  • A collar
  • Treats
  • Dummy/ Doll

How To Train A Pitbull To Attack On Your Instruction?

Once you have all the above resources, you are ready to start training your Pitbull. The steps to train a Pitbull are very simple. Just follow the procedure shared below and you will face no difficulty in training your Pitbull:

Step 1: Wear Gloves

Wear gloves that cover your hand and arm to prevent yourself from getting bitten.

Step 2: Make the Dog Angry

Tap on the dog’s face or pull the dog’s leash to make the dog angry to the point that it starts biting or attacking your glove. Making the dog angry is important in training as without anger, no Pitbull can be trained to attack.

Step 3: Say the Word ‘Attack’ Or ‘Go’

When the pet attacks your glove. Say or shout “Attack” or “Go” loudly. This will train the dog for future situations.

Step 4: Treat the Pet

As soon as it attacks, treat the pet with a dog biscuit or toy. This will encourage the dog to repeat this action multiple times.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and 4

Repeat the whole process again and again in the next few days or weeks. This will make the dog learn to attack on commands in future situations when required.

Step 6: Increase the Distance

When you are sure that the Pitbull fully understands the word go or attack. Make the dog give you proof of it by commanding him to attack from a distance. Call “Attack” or “Go” and show your glove as before, but this time stand further away so that you are out of its reach. The pet will come closer to attack again and again until it reaches up to you.

Step 7: Motivate Pitbull

Motivate or reward the pet with a biscuit or toy. This will encourage the dog to attack at command and learn more quickly than before.

Step 8: Make the Dog Attack a Dummy

To train the pet for future situations, place a bean bag or stuffed toy on the floor and call your pet to attack it. This will help the dog better judge its prey before attacking in real-life situations. Make sure that you always have treats on hand ready to give as rewards.

Step 9: Make the Dog Attack Real People

The final step to train a pitbull to attack is to make it attack actual people and not bean bags or stuffed toys. Make sure that the person does not fight back and keeps on encouraging the dog by saying “attack” or “go”. Never give treats in real-life situations as they might get distracted and may not listen out for commands at future times.

Make the dog understand that it is only allowed to attack commands otherwise it can be in trouble.

How Long It Takes For A Pitbull To Be Full Trained?

It takes about 1 to 2 weeks for a Pitbull to fully understand the word go or attack and be ready to give real-life attacks when required. Keep in mind that each Dog is different and takes different lengths of time to learn something new.

Some dogs may learn faster than others and some may take more time than others, so you must be patient in the training process and continue until your pet responds to the go or attack command.

How Do I Know If My Pitbull Will Protect Me?

In order to know if your Pitbull can protect you, you have to train him at least once to attack when commanded. Once you have trained the dog to attack on your command, take this training further and ask it to attack a big guy or someone other than you. If your Pitbull successfully attacks that target then you can be sure that if anything wrong happens in the future, your pet will protect you.


To conclude it can be said that Pitbull Training is an easy task and only takes a few days to be completed.  Once fully trained, the Pitbull will be a good companion and will protect you from any kind of threat.  However, this training process should never be forced and the trainer must motivate and reward the pet for his/her actions.


1. How do you train a Pitbull to protect you?

To train a Pitbull to protect you, firstly train it to attack command. After training the dog to attack on your command, take this training further and ask it to attack someone else. If your Pitbull acts on your command then you can say that your Pitbull is trained to protect you.

2. Can Pitbulls be trained to attack?

Yes, Pitbulls can be trained to attack. All it needs is a patient trainer who can train the dog to attack on command and can prepare the dog for real-life action.

3.  Will a pitbull protect you?

A pitbull will protect you if trained properly and understands that it is supposed to attack or go on command.  

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