How To Put Prong Collar On Dog?? Comprehensive Guide

A prong collar is a metal chain that looks like a dog’s everyday collar but with the addition of evenly spaced metal “prongs.” The prongs are not actually sharp but rather blunt, making them safe for your dog to wear.

The prong collar, if used properly, is great to discipline the dogs. The question regarding how to put prong collar on dog can be answered easily by reading this article.

In this article, the necessary details regarding the prong collar and the procedure regarding putting it on is discussed.

What I Will Learn?

Why Should I Use A Prong Collar?

The prong collar is an effective training tool. It is a collar that has been proven far more humane than the pinch or “brass” collars that were quite popular in the past.

There are some great advantages of using a prong collar which include the following:

1) It helps in training dogs easily

 2) It can control dogs’ behavior without harming them

 3) It works by giving a dog gentle correction.

How Should You Place A Prong Collar On A Dog?

If you want to know how to put a prong collar on a dog, you should follow the steps below:

1) First of all, take the collar and extend it to full length. Make sure that there are at least 6 inches left.

2) Now put your dog’s head through one end opening of the collar, then pull the loop end.

3) Lastly, snap or clip the clasp together. Make sure that when you place your dog’s head in it is not too tight on its neck. If you are using this collar for the first time, do not try to put it on your dog without any help so that you can be sure of how to fit it properly.

How To Put Prong Collar On Dog Who Is Scared?

If you want to know how to put a prong collar on a scared dog, follow the steps below:

1) Carry your dog towards the training area in your arms and let him calm down.

2) Once he has calmed down, sit on the floor with him and feed him his favorite treat while he sits either in your lap or at your feet.

3) While he is occupied with the treat, quickly slip the collar on him.

4) Distract him with another favorite treat so that he forgets about being put through this process.

The Correct Placement of The Prong Collar

If you are wondering how to put the prong collar on a dog, always keep in mind that it should be right behind your dog’s head and touch his neck. It should not be shifting around or hanging loose when your dog is standing properly. If this happens, then reposition the collar into its proper placement.  If the collar is not properly fitted it will continue to slip around and possibly irritate your dog’s neck.

Things to Consider While Using A Prong Collar

  • Do not let the dogs play with the prong collar.
  • Keep in mind that it can harm your dog if mishandled or used inappropriately.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended when he is wearing a pronged collar.
  • Make sure to get help from an experienced dog person if you are a beginner.
  • Check with your vet before using a prong collar on dogs that have any disabilities or injuries.
  • Ensure that the prongs of the collars are not facing upwards towards the dog’s neck.

How To Train Dog Using A Prong Collar

There are several steps that you should follow when training a dog using a pronged collar:

  • First of all, place the collar on your dog and leave it there for about 10 minutes so that he gets used to wearing it.
  • When you take the leash off, praise him and give him his favorite treat so that he associates positive feelings with the collar.
  • Make sure to use the training sessions only once a day and avoid overworking your dog.
  • You should also maintain a positive and patient attitude and stop using the prong collar if you see any negative reaction from your dogs like stress, anxiety, or fear.


To conclude we can say that a prong collar is very useful for dogs who have behavior issues. However, if not properly fitted it can cause injury to your pet. If you are unsure of how to use it on your dog, always ask for help from someone with experience or consult your vet.  Also, if you are considering using a prong collar on dogs that have any disabilities or injuries, always check with your vet first.


1. How to put on a prong collar with quick release?

To put on a prong collar with the quick release you need to attach the clip to your dog’s regular collar first. After doing so, you need to push the prong collar through the loops on your dog’s regular collar. Make sure it fits snugly around his neck and push down towards his shoulders. Your dog’s head should be able to fit easily through the loop at the top of the pronged collar.

2. Do vets recommend prong collars?

Vets recommend prong collars only for training purposes and for the dogs having been diagnosed with behavior issues, such as aggression. In most cases, vets will also explain the safe use of a prong collar before recommending it.

3. Does a prong collar hurt the dog?

A prong collar can hurt the dog only if it is not properly fitted and used. 

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