How To Put A Collar On A Dog? Step By Step Guide 2022

As a dog owner, I cannot deny the importance of the dog’s collar. Collars are used for managing dogs to prevent them from being lost or caught on something, leading to laceration, which may cause wounds and infection. It is also used as a form of identification for the owner in case the dog is found or lost.

Even if collars are necessary for dogs, for so many reasons, many owners don’t know how to put a collar on a dog? Well, this happens, not only, because the owner is a beginner, but also because some dogs may just hate wearing collars all the time.

What I Will Learn?

Putting Different Types Of Collars

There are many types of collars each having its own benefits, but the most popular types are buckle, nylon, chain, and flat collar. Bucket collars are quite easy to put on a dog since it closes through buckles. It is durable enough to hold a dog’s ID tags or license securely. Even if the collars are different, the basic procedure for putting them on dogs is the same.

Determining The Complicity Of Putting Collar From Dog’s Breed

Different breeds of dogs are different in their size and the shape of their neck. So putting a collar can be easy on one breed of dog and for another, it can be complicated. Some dogs do not have thick fur around the neck, making it easier for you to clip the collar on them without struggling too much.

In this article, I will provide you with some basic tips on how to put on a collar on your dog based on my experience.

Detailed Method on How To Put A Collar On A Dog

The detailed and clear steps on putting a dog collar are explained below:

Step 1: Choose The Right Collar For Your Dog

The collar should not be too tight or loose. It should also not be too wide or long to not be able to protect the dog from getting hurt by touching sharp things in its surrounding area.

Step 2: Prepare The Collar And The Leash

Before putting on a collar, let’s attach a leash to it first. Make sure that you get one that is not too long and not too short, just enough for your dog to walk comfortably without choking her or him.

Step 3: Make The Dog Feel Comfortable

Put the collar on your dog when the dog is relaxed and calm and quiet. Do not try to put the collar on an excited dog because it will become stressed and irritated easily. Instead, make your dog comfortable by petting it gently and speaking slowly.

Step 4: Hang The Collar Around Your Dog’s Neck

Now, this is the trickiest part. If your dog is impatient, it can be really hard to put on a collar around his or her neck. However, if you have got a calmer dog it is going to be easier. Put your dog in a sit or down position and grab the leash with one hand and the front of the collar with another. Make sure that the collar is not tightened and that there is enough space for your dog to breathe and swallow.

Step 5: Put The Leash Behind His/hers Back

Tighten the collar around his/her neck slowly while you are pushing it through his/her back. The leash should be tightly attached to the front part of the collar, but not too tight.

Step 6: Make Sure That Your Dog Feels Comfortable With Its New Collar.

Now that you have done everything correctly, make sure to check whether your dog’s collar is put on right or not. Make sure that there is enough space for your dog to drink and swallow, but not enough for him/her to slip out of the collar easily. Also, check if it is on the right height, just a little above the dog’s shoulders.

Step 7: Adjusting the Collar

After you have put your dog’s new collar on, make some adjustments for better comfort. Pull the leash to tighten the collar around his/her neck so that it will not be loose as he/she walks.

Step 8: Treat The Dog

To show that you are happy with your dog’s behavior, reward the dog by giving a treat. This will make him/her feel happy and relieve any stress he/she has during this process. The treat may include giving a snack or taking the dog for a walk.


To conclude we can say that it is not always easy to put on a collar, especially for very sensitive dogs. However, using a collar for your dog is very important. Just make sure that you get a well-fitted, reliable, and durable collar, which will not break or slip off easily when your dog is running around. Moreover, remember to attach a leash before putting on your dog’s new collar so it would be easier to do all the steps above.


Is It Cruel To Put A Collar On A Dog?

No, it is not cruel to put a collar on your dog. It actually ensures the safety of your dog when out for a walk or run. However, if the collar is too tight for the dog then it does count as an act of cruelty.

Where Do You Put A Collar On A Dog?

You need to put a collar on your dog’s neck just above its shoulders so it does not impede the dog’s movements.

How Do You Put A Collar On A Scared Dog?

You need to calm your scared dog down and then try to put on the collar when the dog is relaxed.

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