How To Properly Train A Dog With A Shock Collar?

A shock collar is an important training tool. It is used to train a dog by offering it an electric shock as soon as the dog performs some unwanted action. The electric shock is not lethal but it leads to the dog being scared of repeating that action. When used correctly, these collars are extremely effective in offering quick results.

Despite the popularity of shock collars, the question of how to properly train a dog with a shock collar is still asked by many people. Given below is the detailed discussion on this topic that will guide you a lot about this training technique.

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How To Properly Train A Dog With A Shock Collar?

To properly train a dog using a shock collar you need to follow the steps given below:

1.       Choose Proper Collar: As per your dog’s neck size, you need to select the shock collar of the appropriate size. The collar should not be so tight that it causes discomfort or pain but it also cannot be too loose because in this case, the dog might feel uncomfortable due to constant tugging on its neck. You can get an idea of the right side of the collar by measuring your dog’s neck circumference and then matching it with an appropriate collar width.

2.       Prepare The Dog For Training:  Place the collar on your dog’s neck only when you are around. Let him get accustomed to it without causing any pain or discomfort. Keep rewards in hands to comfort the dog in case he is uncomfortable.

3.       Increase Time: After allowing 15 to 20 minutes of wearing the collar, take it off and let your dog relax for an hour. After an hour has passed, attach the collar to your dog’s neck again. This time increases the period of wearing it from 15 minutes to one hour or more.

4.       Begin Training: Now that your dog is familiar with the shock collar, you can begin training him.  Make sure that before you start the training session, the collar is attached to your dog for an hour or more. Now allow your dog to do something that you would like to stop him from doing. When he does that, press the button of the shock collar and wait for his reaction. If he stops immediately, reward him with treats.

5.       Repeat Sessions: Repeat the steps of training about 15 times or more daily. Keep increasing the time between each training session until your dog learns not to do that action anymore.

6.       Use Properly: Always remember that shock collars are used as a last resort because these can cause phobias in dogs. 

How Long Does It Take To Train A Dog On A Shock Collar?

It can take anywhere from a few days to several months for training your dog using this technique. It all depends on the temperament of your dog and how quickly he picks up certain commands. Most dogs learn to stop doing something as soon as they feel the first jolt from a shock collar.

Advantages Of Using A Shock Collar

There are several ways in which a shock collar can help your dog learn and correct its behavior. Below mentioned are 5 advantages:

1.       Provide negative reinforcement:  A shock collar can be used to punish a dog for undesired behavior.

2.       Reward with positive reinforcement:   You can also use a shock collar to reward your dog when he has done something that you wanted him to do.

3.       Stop aggression:  Aggressive dogs can be trained using a shock collar to stop their aggressive behavior towards people or other animals.

4.       Help with training:  Dogs who are difficult to train can be trained easily using shock collars.

5.       Re-train dogs with aggression issues:  You can also use it to re-train aggressive dogs who are in the process of getting well. The shock will make sure that they don’t repeat their old behavior.

Things To Consider While Using A Shock Collar For Training

While using a shock collar to train a dog, you need to consider the following things:

  • Never use it to punish your dog.
  • Do not press the button even if he is barking unless you know for sure that your dog is doing something wrong.
  • Always wait for fifteen minutes before using this collar again because extreme pressure can cause stress in dogs.
  • Remember that no training method will work on every dog, so you might have to try a few different strategies before you get what works best for your dog.


To conclude it can be said that if used properly shock collar can prove to be a very effective training tool for dogs. The first step is to make sure that your dog understands what you are trying to teach him through the use of this collar. It’s important to work slowly and patiently with your pet, and if you follow all these steps, chances are that this training technique will work for you very well.


1.   How to introduce a shock collar to a dog?

A shock collar can be introduced to a dog in different ways. A good way is to let your dog wear it for short periods around the house at first.  If your dog is not upset by it and shows no signs of fear after a few days, let him wear it while he is outside. 

2.   Are shock collars effective for training dogs?

Shock collars can be a very effective tool for training dogs. If used properly, the shock collar can work very well to correct your dog’s behavior. The shock isn’t meant to punish your pet, but only to get his attention and stop him from doing something wrong.

3.   When should you start using a shock collar on a dog?

You should start using a shock collar for training purposes when your dog is about four months old.  This enables him to understand what you are trying to teach him through the use of this collar.

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