How Tight Should A Dog’s Collar Be? Ultimate Guide 2022

Many dog owners don’t really know how tight a dog’s collar should be. Many people make the mistake of leaving their dogs with collars that are too tight and lead to an increased likelihood of choking and injuries for the dogs.

The answer to How Tight Should A Dog’s Collar Be depends on the purpose for which you use the collar of course. For daily walks, it is recommended to use a dog collar that is slightly loose on your dog. This means that when you leave your hand in the middle of the neck close to the shoulders and pull lightly, there should still be some movement. If you can tighten this dog collar so much that you can’t move your hand, then you should try a smaller dog collar.

Another way to check the tightness of the collar is by measuring it against your dog’s circumference at the point where you want to attach his leash. It shouldn’t be much more than 4 inches (10 centimeters).

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Determining Collar Tightness From Dog’s Breed

If you own a larger breed, it is advisable that you purchase a chain collar that has links made from metal.

One of the most recommended types is the limited slip collar, which has a clip that keeps the dog’s head in place. It should be pretty tight around their neck for best results. You should be able to put only one finger between your dog’s neck and its collar. If it is two fingers, this means that it is too loose.

Smaller dogs should have collars that are even tighter than this. A choke collar is what you will need for them because it puts pressure on the dog’s neck if they try to pull or go forward. 

Some brands now offer collars that are adjustable, which means that you can simply tighten or loosen them with a buckle whenever you want. This is very convenient for people who like walking their dog often and don’t know how tight the collar needs to be every time they go out walking.

Discussed below are other important things that will help you in choosing the right tightness of dog collars.

How Do I Know If My Dog’s Collar Is Too Tight?

If your dog is having problems breathing or swallowing, then you have chosen the wrong collar for him. Other symptoms that point to an incorrectly fitted collar are ear infections, sores on the neck, and injuries to the front legs. These injuries happen because of the dog trying to remove its collar by scratching or rubbing it against obstacles such as trees or walls.

A collar that has a very high number of these incidents in a particular breed is also a sign of its incorrect tightness. In such cases, you should choose a different type of dog collar for your furry friend.

Choosing the right size and type of collar can be quite confusing at times, so you should definitely take your pet with you when purchasing a new one. Try out different sizes of collars on the dog and see how he reacts. In this way, you can understand the desired amount of tightness for the dog easily.

How To Measure Dog’s Neck For The Perfect Tightness of Collar?

It is a better idea to take your dog along with you while purchasing a new collar, however, if due to any reason(s) you cannot take along you make sure to measure the dog’s neck properly. Given below is the appropriate method to measure a dog’s neck.

The length of the collar must be about two times the circumference of your dog’s neck. If it is way too tight or loose, then you should try a size that is smaller or bigger respectively.

To determine the proper size for your dog, simply measure the circumference of its neck using a tape measure at one inch below its jawline, and choose a collar that is 2 times the number you get.

Why Shouldn’t A Dog’s Collar Be Too Tight?

People sometimes buy a collar for their dog and it is so tight that the pet can’t even bark or pant normally. Collars that are too tight cause choking in dogs and cause trouble in their breathing. Besides, it can also lead to some major health problems as well as causing injuries to your dog’s neck as he tries to escape from it.

If this collar is too tight, the dog will probably try to chew on it and even attack anyone who tries to make him wear it. If you can’t remove such a collar immediately, your dog might be at serious risk of getting injured or developing sores around his neck circumference


To conclude it can be said that dog collars that are too tight can cause a lot of discomfort for the animal. When you purchase a collar for your dog, make sure it is slightly bigger than its neck measurement. If this isn’t possible, then you should make several holes in the collar so that it has more room to grow. Otherwise, it may be lost or even create a medical problem.

In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of ​​how tight should a dog’s collar be?


How Do I Know If My Dogs Collar Is Too Tight?

Some things that will indicate the tightness of the collar include choking, heavy breathing, and ear infection.

How Tight Is Too Tight Collar?

A collar that is not allowing the dog to lift its ears easily is considered to be a too-tight collar.

How Many Fingers Should Fit Under A Dog’s Collar?

Generally, the idea is to make sure that two fingers fit easily between the dog’s neck and the collar. 

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