How Old Was Marley The Dog When He Died?

How old was Marley the dog when he died? This question is asked many times and the answer to this question is that Marley died at the age of thirteen on December 29, 2003.

The cause of his death was an acral lentiginous melanoma, which is a cancerous growth in the footpads of the paw. Marley’s vet immediately diagnosed it as skin cancer and began chemo treatments.

After two months, Marley’s condition worsened and he died three days later, at the age of 13 years. It was very sad for Grogan who loved her pet dearly. 

If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, keep reading because you will find out all about Marley. 

What I Will Learn?

When Marley The Dog Was Born?

Marley the dog was born in 1990 in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. Marley the dog’s parents are unknown because they were not listed in animal adoption records. 

What Does Marley Mean? Does It Have Any Special Meaning? 

 According to English, Marley means a “pleasant wood” or “from the lake meadow,” both of which have the sensation of serenity and peace.

These words fit well with how people think of dogs. Dogs are often considered family members. So, these definitions support the fact that Marley belonged to Grogan.

What Did Grogan Said About Marley After His Death?

After his death, Grogan Said, “I miss my dog every day. I knew him better than anyone else did and saw more of him than any other person ever could. But now he can be remembered by all of us by how much we love and care for our pets. Marley was one of them.”

Was Marley Boy Or Girl?

Marley was a boy! According to what Grogan said, Marley was a male.

Moreover, Grogan adopted Marley, and at that time, she gave him an official name of “Marley” after the character from the movie “A Streetcar Named Desire” And it seemed like they were really close.

Who Is The Veterinarian Who Took Care Of Marley?

His vet was Dr. Alan Marley. He took care of Marley for ten months. And then, the vet tried to treat him. But, he was not successful in doing so. Therefore, Marley got sick.

And finally, Marley died because cancer spread to his lungs. It had reached such a stage that there was no hope left anymore.

Where Is Marley The Dog Buried?

Marley was buried in the family backyard, Pennsylvania, USA. However, the exact location of where he was buried was not disclosed.

Was Marley A Real Dog?

Yes, Marley was a real dog. If Grogan says so, then he was. That is why some people believe he was a crossbreed.

Moreover, it is true that Marley was a real dog who lived many years with Grogan. They went through so many things together. Grogan loved Marley more than anything in the world.

Why Does Marley The Dog Die?

Marley, the dog died because he was diagnosed with ALM. This type of melanoma spreads quickly and causes its victims’ cells to grow uncontrollably. 

Also, they tend to form tumors on areas of skin that are not exposed to sunlight, commonly on feet and ears, causing the affected area to become painful and tender.

These tumors spread so rapidly causing the death of Marley.

How Old Was Marley The Dog When He Died? Was He Young?

The exact age of Marley was unknown, but according to Grogan, he was around thirteen. But, Marley was also very young. If we assume that Marley was just thirteen (as Grogan stated), then he was still too young.

Grogan herself described it as “too young”. In addition to this, Grogan also mentioned that Marley looked like a puppy. 

Did Grogan Love Marley More Than Anything Else?

Without a doubt, Grogan loved Marley way more than anything else in the world. Even if Marley was just a puppy, Grogan would still play with him. She even played with him every day. 

Moreover, Grogan fed her dog nutritious food such as meat, vegetables, and cheese. She cleaned up his poop and changed his bedding regularly.

She also talked to her dog and took pictures of him. Furthermore, she also walked her dog daily and exercised him. All these activities helped Grogan develop a strong bond with Marley.


I hope, in the end, now you understand better How old was Marley the dog when he died? To sum everything up, Marley the dog was both young and healthy. But due to various reasons, Marley eventually died.

How Would I Know Whether Or Not Marley’s Cause Of Death Was Natural?

If Marley died naturally (not by ALM) from the onset of his illness until his final breath then his cause of death was considered natural.

Did Marley Have Any Other Medical Conditions Besides ALM?

No, Marley just has ALM that became the cause of his death.

Who Found Out That Marley Had ALM?

Dr. Alan Marley.

Why Didn’t Dr. Alan Marley Help To Cure Marley’s ALM?

Dr. Alan Marley did try to treat Marley’s ALM for several months. Unfortunately, the cancer progressed too fast. Also, the treatment costs millions of dollars. As a result, Dr. Marley refused to do any further treatments.

Can Marley Be Cured From Being Diagnosed With ALM?

Unfortunately, there is no way to cure ALM. However, after the death of Marley, Grogan decided to donate half of her body to science so that future generations can study how cancer develops and spreads in dogs.

What Type Of Breed Does Marley Belong To?

According to Grogan, Marley was a mixed-breed Labrador Retriever x, Cocker Spaniel.

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