How Many Times Can A German Shepherd Give Birth?

How Many Times Can A German Shepherd Give Birth? German shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and work ethic. They are one of the smartest breeds. Being highly trainable and excelling at many tasks, this breed is very popular among families. People from all around the world are willing to bring a German shepherd puppy home.

The average number of times a German Shepherd can give birth depends upon the health, diet, and medical condition of a female dog. However, on average the number of times a German Shepherd can give birth is in between seven to ten births.

Many breeders and GSD owners try to get the best answer to how many times can a German shepherd give birth. If you too are interested in this topic then read on.

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How Many Times Can A German Shepherd Give Birth In Her Life?

On average, a female GSD can give birth seven times in her life. But it depends upon the circumstances, if the dogs are healthy and have access to proper food then they can give birth more than seven times.

Being a responsible German shepherd owner, it is your responsibility to take proper care of the mother and their puppies. If you provide your GSD with nutritious food and keep her in hygienic conditions then GSD can give birth as many as 9 times during her life span. However, if you do not give proper attention to the female dog then she may have health issues thus lowering the number of births to six or even less than that.

How Long Are German Shepherd Dogs Pregnant For?

The normal gestation period for a GSD is sixty-three days. During the gestation period, a female dog will look for a quiet place in your home. She would sometimes try to dig out the flooring to make enough space for her pups to live in. In some cases, GSD may take longer than sixty-three days to deliver their pups.

What Is The Average Litter Size For A German Shepherd?

The average litter size for a female GSD is six puppies in one single litter. Sometimes they can give birth to eight healthy puppies in one litter. The litter size also depends on the diet, medical condition, and age of the female dog.  In some cases, a female GSD can have up to twelve healthy puppies in one litter.

What Is The Best Age For A GSD To Give Birth?

The best age for a female GSD to give birth is between two to three years old. A female GSD is believed to be in good shape when she is at least 2 years old. However, some breeders recommend waiting for one more year before the female GSD can give birth. This is because most of the GSD become healthy and strong enough at 3 years old, which helps them in delivering their puppies without any complications.

What Are The Traits Of German Shepherd Puppies?

German shepherd puppies are intelligent, strong, loyal, and energetic. They love attention and playing all day long. The German shepherd puppies are highly trainable and can learn anything very fast. However, in general, GSD puppies are very fragile because they do not have long fur on their body, to protect them.

Is It Easy To Take Care Of German Shepherd Puppies?

It is easy to take care of German shepherd puppies. You just need to provide them with a good diet, proper exercise, and the right amount of love.

GSD puppies should be taken for regular walks, this helps in maintaining their physical and mental health. Also, they should be checked regularly by the vet. German shepherds like to eat everything that is around them, which is why they put on weight very quickly. So, you need to keep a check on their weight by taking them for daily walks.

How Many Puppies Does A German Shepherd Have In Her First Litter?

An average GSD can deliver five to six puppies in their first litter, but it depends on the size of the mother. A young German Shepherd Dog may have less number of puppies whereas a large female may give birth to eight pups in her first litter.


By reading this, we hope that all your queries on how many times can a German shepherd give birth are cleared now. Normally a healthy GSD can give birth up to 7 times during the span of their life, but it mostly depends on how you take care of your dog. If you give proper attention and diet to your dog then she can have more litter.


How much litter is safe for a German shepherd?

The safe limit for a GSD is 5 liters, but if you take good care of your dog and provide her with proper diet, exercise, and enough rest she can have up to 9 litters in her life safely.

How many times should you breed a female dog in her lifetime?

Normally a female dog should not be bred more than 3 to 4 times in its entire life. This is because after the first litter, the females become weak and it takes her almost 9 to fully recover from the whole process.

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