How Long Can A 6 Month-Old Puppy Be In A Crate?

How Long Can A 6 Month-Old Puppy Be In A Crate? Puppies are a little bundle of joy and mischief and require a lot of attention. One way to accommodate the growing puppy is to have a crate where he can rest, sleep, eat, and play safely while the owner is away from him.

Puppies cannot be left alone on their own, so crating them is necessary for their safety. Generally, a six-month-old pup can be crated for 3 to 4 hours at a time.

Owners who have to leave their puppies alone always ask questions on how long can a 6 month-old puppy be in a crate. If you too are intrigued by knowing the answer to this question then this article is definitely for you.

What I Will Learn?

Is It Okay To Leave A Puppy In A Crate?

Yes, it is okay to leave a puppy in a crate. Puppies are very active and curious, they want to explore new things all the time and this can prove to be dangerous for them. To save them from getting hurt, it is necessary to keep them safe, and this can happen only if you keep them in a crate.

It is quite easy to find many people who do not like crating their puppies because they think that it might harm the pup psychologically and can lead to separation anxiety. However, people who understand the importance of keeping the pup safe choose to use crates for their puppies. Understanding the time span for which you can keep your puppy inside a crate is crucial.

How Long Can A 6 Month-Old Puppy Be In A Crate?

Generally, a puppy can be kept inside a crate for 3 to 4 hours at a time. Leaving a pup in a crate for this long will not have any psychological effect on the pup and they will not feel neglected. Also, three hours are enough for the pup to get some rest, eat, and take a nap.

If you are planning on leaving your puppy in a crate for more hours, then make sure that you provide them with some toys inside the crate. You can also place their food and water bowl inside the crate so that they do not feel hungry while you are away.

How To Crate Train A Puppy?

If you are trying to crate train your puppy, then start this activity when the pup is at least 12 weeks old. Crate training a puppy is not a difficult task, you just need to follow the step to step procedure given below:

Step 1: Introduce The Pup To Crate

At first, let the pup explore his new crate. Let him sniff around and get comfortable with it. Never force the puppy to go inside the crate.

Step 2: Give Them Treats

While the pup is inside the crate, now comes the time to give him treats. Feed your puppy with his favorite treat and make sure that he does not leave the crate too early.

Step 3: Wait Outside The Crate

After giving him treats a few times, close the door of the crate and let your puppy stay in. However, stay near to him while he is exploring his new place. Make sure that you are watching over him while he is inside the crate.

Step 4: Repeat This Process For A Few Days

Keep on practicing the same crate training procedure with your pup. Feed him treats, close, and open the door of the crate while he is inside. After some time, your dog will get used to staying inside the crate even when you are not around.

Make sure to avoid using a crate for punishing the dog, as this will make them afraid of the crate.

How Do I Know If My Puppy Is Uncomfortable With Being In Crate?

There are certain signs, which will make you realize that your pup does not like staying inside a crate. Some of them are:

Restlessness: The first sign of discomfort in a pup is restlessness. He will keep standing up, sitting down, and changing positions constantly. If you find this behavior in your pup, then it is time to let him out of the crate.

Barking: Your pup might also bark incessantly if he doesn’t like staying inside a crate.

If you find your pup displaying these two signs, then it is time to let him out of the crate.


By reading the article, we hope that you have got your answer to the question of how long can a 6 month-old puppy be in a crate? Puppies at this age need lots of attention and love so it is not advisable to keep them crated for more than 3 hours. Also never, forget the importance of giving them treats and toys to keep them entertained inside their crate.


Are 6 Hours Too Long To Leave A Dog In A Crate?

The answer to this question depends on the age of a dog. For a puppy, 6 hours are too long to be in a crate, but for older dogs, 6 hours are just fine.

How Do You Settle A Puppy At Night In A Crate?

To settle the puppy in a crate at night, you can keep a little blanket or towel for your puppy to cuddle with and take the crate door off so he feels more comfortable.

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