How Fast Can A German Shepherd Dog Run?

German shepherds are known to be excellent herders, guard dogs, and police dogs. This highly intelligent breed can also play role in search and rescue operations and can be trained to sniff out drugs and bombs.

The speed at which a German shepherd runs varies from one dog to another. But most of the German shepherds can run at a speed of 30 to 40 km/h.

Many people who are planning on having a German shepherd tend to ask questions regarding how fast a German shepherd dog can run. If you are among such people, then you’ve come to the right place. As in this article, we will discuss everything about the speed of the German Shepherd in detail.

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How Fast Can A German Shepherd Dog Run Normally?

German shepherds are one of the fastest breeds in the canine world. They are used in police operations because their speed makes them suitable for catching criminals on foot. It is believed that the German shepherd dog can run up to a speed of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour under normal circumstances. This means that GSD can cover 10 meters in just 3 seconds.

However, if the dog is excited and running in an open field, then he can run at a much faster rate. A trained dog can run at a speed of 48 Km/h, which is equal to 30 miles/h.

Is Running Good For German Shepherds?

Running is good for all dogs and not just German shepherds. But before allowing your GSD to run, you should take into consideration the age and physical condition of the dog. If you suspect that your dog might get injured during such exercises, then it is best advised to avoid running with him.

Running is better for dogs than walking or jogging. While running, your German shepherd’s muscles get stimulated and its activity level increases. This ultimately leads to weight loss in German shepherds, which is very important for the overall health of your dog. Also, running is the best way to keep the dog healthy and fit.

What Factors Affect The Speed Of German Shepherd Dogs?

Discussed below are some of the most important factors that determine the speed and agility of a German shepherd:

Health: A healthy dog with all the required nutrients in its body can run faster than a sickly or under-nourished one. So if you want your GSD to run fast, make sure he’s eating properly and getting all the essential nutrients for growth.

Age of The Dog: The age of the German shepherd also matters when it comes to speed. Older dogs are generally slower than younger ones. It is believed that German shepherds reach their peak at around 2 years of age and after 2 years, their speed starts decreasing gradually.

Size Of The Dog: A big-sized DOG might not be as fast as a medium-sized. The larger the size is, the lesser the speed.

Thorough Training: A trained dog can perform better than an untrained one in terms of speed and agility. So if you want your German shepherd to be fast, then make sure he’s fully trained.

Weight: The weight of your German shepherd also affects his speed. The heavier he is, the slower he will be.

Weather: The dog’s speed and energy are affected by the weather as well. If the temperature is very high, then your GSD might not be able to run fast or at all. So if you’re planning an exercise session with him, make sure he doesn’t get tired too quickly due to heat exhaustion.

How To Train Your German Shepherd To Run Fast?

There are various ways to train your German shepherd and make him faster. Discussed below is the most effective method to train your German shepherd to run fast:

Step 1: Teach your Dog Basic Commands

The first step in training your German shepherd to run fast is to teach him basic commands like “heel” or “follow”.

Step 2: Train Your Dog To Follow You

Next, teach him to sit and stay while you walk away from him. Then call him towards you, this will make your dog learn how to follow you.

Step 3: Teach Your German Shepherd To Run After You

Once your dog is following you well, start running and make him playfully follow you. This will teach him to run after a person or a moving object.

Step 4: Teach Your Dog To Catch Up With You

Before going for a real race with your German shepherd, make sure he can catch up with you well. Teach him to run after you and then slow down as he comes closer. Continuous practice of this will make your dog fast enough to catch up with you or anyone.

Step 5: Increase The Distance

Once your German shepherd is able to catch up with you, increase the distance between yourself and the dog.  Increasing the distance will help the dog in gaining speed gradually.

Step 6: Let Your Dog Race With Other Dogs

Finally, let your dog race with other dogs to increase his speed further. Keep in mind that competition increases speed. However, If you think competitive racing is not for your dog, then do not force him into it, as he might end up tiring himself out and getting injured.


With this, we hope that now you know the answer to How Fast Can A German Shepherd Dog Run. On average a GSD can run at a speed of 30 to 40 km/h, but remember that your dog’s speed is not just dependent on his age, size, breed, or health, but also on the techniques you use to train him.


How fast can a GSD run 100 yards?

Most experts agree that a GSD can run 100 yards in less than 10 seconds.

Can a human outrun a German Shepherd?

A human can outrun a German shepherd only if the human is a professional runner and the German shepherd is just a beginner. Otherwise, the German’s speed and agility will give the human a hard time.

How fast can a full-grown German shepherd run?

A full-grown GSD can run at a speed of 30 to 40 km/h under normal conditions, but if they are trained or in a race then they can run even faster.

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