Do Dogs Stink When In Heat?

Do Dogs Stink When In Heat? Dog owners are always concerned regarding the hygiene of their dogs. They try to ensure that their canine friend is neat and well-groomed every time. Hygiene and cleanliness during the heat cycle have been a topic of debate among pet owners for ages.

Many pet owners believe that dogs stink when in heat, and it is completely natural for them to do so. However, there are certain factors that cause them to stink more than normal and owners need to take actions to counter these factors.

Generally, first-time owners tend to have questions regarding do dogs stink when in heat? If you too have a concern regarding the hygiene of your canine friend during this period, then this article is a must-read for you

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Why Do Dogs Stink When In Heat?

When your female canine friend comes into heat, her body goes through a lot of changes. As part of these changes, the vaginal discharge increases during this period.  Apart from this, her sweat glands are activated during this time too. Also, she is more likely to develop an infection. These all might be the reasons behind her stinking during this period.

However, this is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about at all. But in case your dog’s smelly odor is too strong and you are not successful in controlling it, then do consult your vet immediately.

How Do You Get Rid Of The Smell Of A Dog In Heat?

To get rid of the smell of a dog in heat, it is important that you take your dog for regular walks. Regular exercise helps keep her active and also reduces vaginal odor.

Apart from this, it is equally important that you clean her well after every walk. Also, make sure that you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, as the regular shampoos might not be able to control her horrible odor. Also, use pet perfume, which is specifically made for dogs in heat.

By following all these you can control the smell and keep the fur of your dog soft and shiny.

What Are The Symptoms Of Heat In Female Dogs?

If you are a first-time owner then you may not be aware of the symptoms of a female dog in heat. Here are the most common symptoms your dog will experience during this time:


Teary Eyes

Change in Texture of fur

Weight loss

Increased Urination

Affectionate Behavior

Increased appetite

What Does A Dog Smell Like When In Heat?

The smell of a dog in heat cannot be interpreted in words. Many people interpret this smell like that of rotten fish and onions. However, the smell is a bit different for every dog and is dependent on various factors such as diet, hygiene, etc. If you have a sensitive sense of smell, then we advise you to avoid hugging your pet during this time.

What Is The Cause Of Bad Odor In Dogs?

The most common causes of bad odors in dogs are:

Poor Hygiene: Dogs tend to smell bad when they are not given proper baths or if their coats are not cleaned well. Due to poor hygiene, they might develop some sort of infection that will cause a bad odor.

Diet: The food that your dog eats also contributes to the smell. If you have just adopted a new type of diet for your canine friend, then you need to give the food some time before you can judge its effect on her.

Leash: The leash that you use to take your dog out for walks might have picked up some type of dirt or dust. This will be transferred onto your dog’s fur, which in turn leads to bad odor in dogs

Skin Infections: If your pet does not receive proper treatment for her skin infections, then this might also lead to a bad odor

Ear Infections: Ear infection among dogs is also the cause of strong odor when in heat. The wax that is produced due to these infections mainly causes a bad odor in dogs.

Dental Problems: Bad breath and other dental problems will cause the odor of your dog to be extremely bad.

Even if stinking during the heat is pretty normal, you need to keep an eye on your dog’s health. In case you note any sort of unusual behavior or if her body odor is too strong to handle then make sure you consult your vet immediately.


With this, we hope that you now have enough knowledge regarding do dogs stink when in heat. It is normal for your dog to have a strong body odor when in heat, but if the smell is too strong then you should get her checked by a vet. Also, make sure that you maintain her hygiene and clean her well frequently to avoid the risk of infection and to control the smell to some extent.


Why does my female dog have a bad odor?

The female dog will have a bad odor when she is on heat. However, if the smell remains even after the heat cycle, then your pet might be suffering from some medical condition.

Do female dogs smell fishy when in heat?

Yes, female dogs do have a slight fishy smell when they are on heat. However, the smell varies from dog to dog and is dependent on many factors such as cleanliness and diet.

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