Can Dogs Take Promethazine? Yes or No?

Promethazine is a prescription medication used to treat allergies, nausea, and vomiting. It’s also used as a sedative or sleep aid in some cases. For humans, promethazine is safe when given as directed by a doctor. However, the effects of this medication in dogs remain largely unknown.

People believe that dogs’ can take promethazine only when prescribed by a veterinarian. When given in a safe amount, it is not harmful.

Many dog owners often question vets regarding can dogs take promethazine frequently. If you too are among them then this article is definitely for you.

What I Will Learn?

Can Dogs Take Promethazine Regularly?

Yes, your dog can take promethazine on a regular basis, if prescribed by a veterinarian. Promethazine is not safe for all dogs, the vet prescribes it only after knowing the health conditions of the dog properly.

Your vet will advise you to give your dog this medication based on its body weight and breed type. While giving this medicine to your dog, you must also pay attention to general dosing guidelines.

Why Promethazine Is Given To Dogs?

There are several reasons behind giving promethazine to dogs. It is used to treat digestive issues and motion sickness. It’s also prescribed for calming the nerves of anxious or stressed dogs. In some cases, vets also prescribe this medication to promote sleep or sedation in dogs.

Also, Promethazine can be given to canines suffering from moderate to mild allergies. Promethazine is not an antihistamine. It works by blocking the effects of the natural chemical histamine in your dog’s body. This makes it effective in controlling allergic reactions.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Promethazine For Dogs?

A normal dosage of Promethazine for dogs is between 6.25mg or 12.5mg per every 10 lbs of your pet’s weight. Always follow the dosage guidelines provided by your vet to give proper treatment to your dog without causing any side effects.

Make sure to read the instructions on the medicine label carefully before giving it to your beloved pet. Also, always read the printed guidelines that come with this medication. Do not change the dosage of this drug without consulting a vet as it can cause harmful effects on your dog’s health and condition.

How Does Promethazine Work?

This medication works by blocking histamine receptors located on nerve cells all through your dog’s body. Histamines are natural chemicals produced by the body, which are responsible for triggering allergies or irritation in some pets.

When histamine receptors are blocked, your pet’s body cannot react to allergens and other such substances. As a result, the symptoms like congestion, runny nose, watery eyes or skin irritation caused due to allergies start to subside.

What Are The Side Effects Of Promethazine For Dogs?

There can be several side effects caused by promethazine in dogs. Sometimes it causes drowsiness and sedation in canine patients. It also affects the central nervous system, which can cause further issues to your pet’s health if not properly cared for.

In some cases, low blood pressure is observed after giving this medicine to pets. It has been observed in dogs that when promethazine is given with other drugs, it may change the effects of those drugs too.

To prevent such issues, avoid self-medication as it can cause harmful health complications in canines.

Can I Give Promethazine To My Puppy?

Promethazine is not safe for use in puppies. Puppies are much more sensitive to this medication because their bodies are still growing and developing.

Small/ Medium breeds of dogs should not be given promethazine if they weigh less than 20 pounds. Larger breeds of dogs should never be given this medication if they weigh less than 50 pounds.

How Long Does it Take for Promethazine To Work In Dogs?

Promethazine starts to work within 30 minutes after administering it. Sometimes it starts showing improvement in symptoms within 10 minutes of giving the medicine to your dog.

Can Promethazine Be Given Along With Other Medicines?

It’s generally not recommended to give promethazine with other drugs because it may cause harmful interactions. Always let your dog’s vet know about all the drugs or supplements you already are giving to your pet so that the vet suggests an alternate combination for this medication.


With this, we hope that now you have got all your queries on can dogs take promethazine cleared. The medicine Promethazine is usually safe to give to dogs and can help eliminate adverse symptoms due to allergies or other health problems. However, it is always suggested that you contact your vet before administering any medication so they can suggest proper dosage for your pet according to his size and weight.


Can Promethazine Hurt A Dog?

Yes, promethazine can be harmful to dogs and hence should not be self-medicated. Always keep in mind to give this medicine only on the vet’s prescription and to follow the dosage instructions provided by your vet.

What Human Medicine Can a Dog Take For Nausea?

Since dogs can also be affected by nausea, you can give them over-the-counter medicines like Gravol or Unisom for this problem. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before administering them to your pet.

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