Can Dogs Eat Hot Temperature Food?

Can Dogs Eat Hot Temperature Food? Dog owners cannot resist sharing their food with their four-legged companions. Hot food is popular among humans, and sometimes dogs’ parents feed the same to their dogs. However, there are reasons to suspect whether hot temperature food should be shared with dogs or not.

Some people believe that dogs can eat hot-temperature food. However, many people argue that dogs cannot eat hot-temperature food, as it is not good for their health.

People who have dogs, who cannot wait to eat food as soon as it is prepared, often question whether can dogs eat hot temperature food or not. This article aims to answer this question along with the risks associated with feeding hot temperature food to dogs.

What I Will Learn?

Can Dogs Eat Hot Temperature Food?

Yes, dogs can eat hot-temperature food. The dog’s gastrointestinal system allows them to eat food at any temperature.

However, serving too much hot food can cause stomach aches and diarrhea in dogs. Even if there is no evidence that hot-temperature food is life-threatening to dogs, still it is not the best way to serve food to them.

What Are The Risks Associated With Eating Hot Food For Dogs?

There are many risks associated with feeding hot food to dogs. Shared below are some of them:

Liver problems – Dogs may develop liver problems when they eat too much hot food.

Digestive problems – Some dog parents love to feed their dogs with freshly cooked food. However, the root cause of digestive problems in pets is that they eat too much hot food. This may cause the dog’s digestive system to suffer and ultimately harm their health.

Water intoxication – Dogs can suffer water intoxication when they eat too much hot food. Water intoxication is more common in sport dogs, but it can happen to any dog breed. Symptoms include weight gain, increased urination, vomiting, bloating, lethargy and fatigue.

Burning the throat – Dogs can suffer from a burning throat when they eat too much hot food. This happens because the dog’s tongue and mouth become red after eating hot temperature food, which results in a burning sensation.

To avoid the above risks, dogs should not be allowed to eat hot food.

What Is The Ideal Food Temperature For Dogs?

If you are wondering what should be the ideal temperature, it is best to follow either room temperature or slightly above room temperature. Keeping food at this temperature ensures that the dog does not experience digestive problems and other health risks caused by consuming hot food.

Also, dog parents should serve food that matches the dog’s body temperature. Feeding cold or hot food can lead to digestive tract problems in dogs.

Should I Warm Up My Dog’s Food?

Vets recommend warming up dog food only when it is too cold or is taken out of the refrigerator. Dogs’ food should be warmed only to meet the dog’s body temperature or room temperature.

It is not advisable to serve the food hot. The only exception to this rule is when your dog has health problems and needs to be fed with extremely warm food. In this case, only a vet can determine how much warm food your dog requires.

How To Warm Up Dogs’ Food?

Warming up a dog’s food is a very simple process. The following are some of the ways to warm up your dog’s food:

Using a stove – Put the unopened bag of food in a pot and add hot water, but do not let the water reach the dog food. Stir it well and check whether the food is warm enough for your pet.

Using a hot pad/grocery bag – Cut open an empty grocery bag and put the dog food bag inside it. Place this bag in another grocery bag and put the sandwich bags together in a safe place where your dog cannot access them. Put a hot pad or towel below the rice/grocery bags to heat the food.

Using water – If you are unsure about how long to warm up your dog’s food, you can use water. Put the food in a container filled with water and heat it to the dog’s body temperature.

Using a container – If you are in for other options, you can use a container. Put the unopened bag of pet food inside an airtight container and heat it for 5 minutes or until it is slightly warm.

Using a slow cooker – This is an ideal option for heating pet food. Most of the models have a timer, which allows you to set the cooking time for anywhere between 30 minutes and several hours. However, most slow cookers do not retain enough moisture to produce steam, so you need to add water to the food.


With this, we hope that now you have enough knowledge regarding can dogs eat hot-temperature food. Dogs can eat hot food but we recommend you to not let your dog eat hot food because it can lead to various health problems in the long run. Also, you can warm up the dog’s food, to feed him the food that is in accordance with his body temperature or room temperature.


Do dogs like their food warm or cold?

It depends on the dog. However, most dogs enjoy room temperature or slightly above room temperature food. They usually do not like their food to be too cold or hot.

Can you heat up dog food in the microwave?

Yes, you can heat up your dog’s food in the microwave oven. However, avoid microwaving it for too long or in high settings because that can harm your dog’s health.

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