Can Dogs Drink Smart Water?

Can Dogs Drink Smart Water? Dog owners are always concerned regarding the health and nutrition of their beloved pets. They want to provide the best to their dogs and want them to be healthy and fit. Due to the increasing popularity of smart water, many pet owners are thinking of introducing it to their canine friends.

Many people believe that dogs can drink smart water, as it is just purified water and does not have any additives. Some people argue that dogs can drink smart water only in moderate amounts, and excessive intake of smart water can prove to be toxic for the pet.

What I Will Learn?

Can Dogs Drink Smart Water?

Generally, many first-time pet parents tend to ask questions like, can dogs drink smart water and if this water is safe for dogs. If you, too, are interested in knowing the answer to this question then this article will be of great help to you, so keep on reading.

What is Smart Water?

Smart water is just purified drinking water, which is obtained after distilling tap water. The main aim of distilling water is to obtain fresh, odorless, and nutritious water. The process of distilling tap water uses steam to separate impurities from the distilled water. After distillation, minerals are added back to the purified bottled drinking water.

Is it Ok For Dogs to Drink Smart Water?

Dogs can drink smart water, as there are many benefits of allowing your dog to drink smart water. But, many veterinarians do not recommend allowing dogs to drink smart water as the excessive intake of this beverage can lead to health issues like inflammation in your pet’s bladder and kidneys.

Some veterinarians believe that dogs can drink 2-3 Oz of smart water. So, make sure to serve only the required amount of smart water to your dogs.

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Water For Dogs?

Smart water when given to dogs in moderate amounts can benefit them in various ways. Shared below are some of the benefits of smart water for your pet:

Smart water will help your dog stay hydrated. You can give smart water to your pet anytime when they are thirsty.

Smart water when given to dogs in small quantities can help them maintain optimum body temperature. Thus, it is helpful for dogs who are used to playing in the sun.

It will also help your dog to have clean teeth and gums. This is because when your pet drinks smart water, the liquid coats their teeth and neutralizes acids that accumulate on the surface of their teeth.

It provides an alkalizing effect on the pH of your pet’s body. Thus, it helps in solving various health issues like yeast infections and bladder stones.

Can Dogs Drink Electrolyte Water?

Electrolyte water is nothing but a solution of sodium chloride and water. Electrolyte water is also known as saline solution. Dogs can drink electrolyte water, as it helps the dogs to stay hydrated. Electrolyte water also helps in retaining the balance of minerals in the body, thus keeping your dog active and healthy.

However, you should consider speaking to the veterinarian before giving it to your dog. The veterinarian can help you understand what is best for your dog. You should not proceed with anything if the veterinarian does not recommend it.

Also, let your pet drink only clean drinking water, as dirty or stagnant water might cause various health issues. Stagnant water contains harmful bacteria that can make your dog ill.

Can Dogs Drink Flavored Smart Water?

No, dogs should not drink flavored smart water. Flavored water contains artificial sweeteners and flavors that are harmful to the health of your dog.

In addition to this, it is important that you do not give too much of anything to your pet as it may cause problems for them. Excessive consumption of any drink can lead to health issues in your dog.

How Do I Know That Smart Water Is Not Good For My Dog?

You will know that smart water is not good for your dog if they show signs of having some health issues after drinking it. For instance, if your dog has issues like diarrhea after drinking smart water then it is not advisable to give them smart water anymore. In such a case, you should immediately take your dog to a veterinarian.


By reading this article, we hope that you now have found out the perfect answer to can dogs drink smart water. The answer is simple, yes dogs can drink smart water but to a certain extent only. Excess consumption of smart water can be harmful to the health of your pet. It is always advised to seek veterinarian recommendations before introducing your dog to smart water.


Is it OK to give dogs smart water?

Yes, to some degree it is okay to give a dog smart water. However, excess of it is not good at all.

What type of water is best for dogs?

It is recommended to give your dog clean, fresh, and filtered water only. The water should be changed regularly, and dirty or stagnant water should be avoided.

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