Can A Dog Swallow A Golf Ball?

Can A Dog Swallow A Golf Ball? Dogs love to play with balls. They play with them, they carry them around in their mouths, and sometimes they even like to chew on them. Dog owners love watching their four-legged companions having fun with a ball but they are also concerned about the safety of their furry friends. One such concern is whether a dog can swallow a golf ball or not.

Golf balls are smaller, and this makes it easier for dogs to swallow them. In addition, they are round and smooth, making them irresistible for dogs to chew on.

Dog owners who love golf and often play it tend to question whether can a dog swallow a golf ball or not. Here in this article, we will attempt to answer this question in detail.

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Can A Dog Swallow A Golf Ball?

Yes, a dog can swallow a golf ball. The small size and round shape of the golf ball make it easy to swallow. Some dogs find it interesting to chew on balls or to carry the ball in their mouth for a long time, thus it is possible for them to mistakenly swallow it. Therefore, if you have pet dogs, then it is better to keep the golf balls away from them.

What Happens If A Dog Swallows A Golf Ball?

Swallowing a golf ball is dangerous to your furry friend as the hard surface can injure his palate and intestines. If the ball is stuck in your dog’s esophagus or stomach, then it may cause bloating, which can be life-threatening. If the swallowed ball is not treated on time, it can lead to death. The digestive enzymes inside his stomach acids will start corroding the golf ball in a day or two if it is not removed. In some cases, golf balls may inflame sores inside the digestive system, which can be fatal.

How Do You Tell If Your Dog Has Swallowed An Object?

If a dog has swallowed an object then he may show various symptoms. These symptoms include:

Vomiting: A dog will show signs of discomfort. He may even try to vomit out the object which he has swallowed. If the ball is stuck in his throat then you must consider a quick medical treatment as it can choke him and cause death if not treated immediately.

Bloody stool: The digestive enzymes present inside the stomach will start corroding the object once it is within his stomach. So the first symptom you will notice would be a bloody stool.

Sudden Weight loss: Loss of appetite is another sign to watch out for when your furry friend has swallowed an object. Eating food will become difficult for him and if the ball is stuck in his intestines, then it can make him feel bloated and lose weight.

Wheezing: When the object is stuck in the dog’s windpipe, then you will notice wheezing from him. This can be a sign of choking and you need to rush him to a veterinarian.

In some cases, if the object is stuck in his throat, then it may cause suffocation which will lead your dog into a coma rapidly. In such cases, it is better to take medical aid as soon as possible.

What Should I Do If My Dog Swallowed A Golf Ball?

If you suspect that your furry friend has swallowed a golf ball, then it is better to visit your vet for immediate medical help. The vet will examine your canine friend thoroughly and will advise some tests that need to be done.

A vet may recommend some X-ray or ultrasound tests to find out where the ball is stuck in the dog’s digestive system. He may suggest endoscopy wherein a small flexible tube with a camera attached to it will be inserted down your furry friend’s throat so that he can get an image of his esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

After locating the ball in your furry friend’s digestive system, the vet can make a plan to remove it through surgery or by using another method.

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing On Golf Balls?

Chewing is a natural habit for dogs. But when your dog starts chewing on things that can be dangerous to him like golf balls, then it is time for you to act fast. You can stop your dog from chewing on golf balls using bitter-tasting sprays on the golf balls. You can also train your dog with mild electric shocks if he tries to nip or bite the ball again. In addition, by giving your dog lots of chewable toys and bones you can stop him from chewing on golf balls.


We hope that by reading this article you now know the answer to the question to can a dog swallow a golf ball. The answer is yes, a dog can swallow a golf ball and it can be very dangerous for him.

Therefore, you must be very careful while playing with a golf ball near your furry friend. If you notice that your dog has swallowed an object, you need to visit a vet immediately.


Can a dog choke on a golf ball?

Yes, a dog can choke on a golf ball if it is lodged in his windpipe.

Can a large dog pass a golf ball?

Yes, a dog’s digestive system can pass a golf ball if it is small enough and there is no obstruction present.

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