Can A Dog Die From Swallowing A Scrunchie? A Detailed 2022 Guide!

Dogs love to play and chew on just about anything they can get their paws and teeth on. Sometimes while playing they can swallow objects like pencils, pens, and even scrunchies.

While swallowing a scrunchie can cause serious damage to the inside of your dog, it is unlikely that it will be fatal. However, if the scrunchie gets stuck in your dog’s throat, they could suffocate and die.

Dogs owners are always concerned about the safety of their dogs and often question can a dog die from swallowing a scrunchie. If you too are among such owners then make sure to read this article.

What I Will Learn?

Can A Dog Die From Swallowing A Scrunchie?

A dog can die from swallowing a scrunchie because it can get lodged in his throat and cause suffocation. But, the chances of this happening are less as these headbands seem to be very smooth and would go down easily.

However, like anything else eaten by your dog, the size of the scrunchie will decide if it could create problems for your dog. If the scrunchie is smaller then it would pass through your dog’s system without any problems, but if it is bigger then it can cause severe damage to the esophagus and stomach lining of your dog.

Why Do Dogs Play With Scrunchies?

It is a common habit of dogs to play with anything that they find. They tend to carry around things in their mouths just like a golf ball and then finally chew them up. So, if your dog finds a scrunchie left out by you somewhere in the house, they might pick it up and start playing with it.

The bright colors and the shiny texture of the scrunchie can attract their attention and dogs find it very amusing to play with them. Because they are made up of rubber, dogs are able to tear apart the scrunchy easily, making it even more interesting.

Can Dogs Pass Out Scrunchies?

Yes, dogs can pass out scrunchie. When dogs chew on an object, it is completely normal for them to pass out the object through their stool. However, when the object gets lodged within their throat or somewhere in the digestive tract it causes severe damage there.

Another reason why dogs can expel a scrunchie is that if they have chewed it up into very small pieces, then they might pass it out of their body the same way they would pass stool.

What are the dangers of Swallowing A Scrunchie?

If your dog swallows a scrunchie, it can cause severe problems for him. The main problems that can arise are:

Blockage In The Esophagus:

One of the major problems that your dog can face is a blockage within his throat and esophagus. When the scrunchie enters into the system of your dog, it will get lodged somewhere in his throat or esophagus which will block any food from getting through to their stomach. This causes severe problems for your dog.

Damage To The Digestive Tract:

When the scrunchie enters the digestive system, it causes severe damage to the lining of their stomach and also damages or tears apart other internal organs along its way. The scrunchie can lead to serious bleeding in some cases which might cause severe damage to your dog’s health.

Perforation In The Stomach:

If the scrunchie is very big then it can also lead to another major complication, that is perforation. When a scrunchie gets stuck inside your dog’s throat it can cause so much damage to his throat that it might perforate the lining of his stomach. This can cause severe bleeding within your dog’s stomach which will lead to vomiting and diarrhea in most cases.

What Is The Treatment For Swallowing Scrunchie In Dogs?

If your dog swallows a scrunchie, it is important to get them medical attention immediately. If you are not able to get your dog in time for treatment, then try the following things at home:

Do Not Induce Vomiting:

Do not induce vomiting if your dog has swallowed a scrunchie because you might push the scrunchie deeper into his throat and cause even more damage. If the scrunchie has not yet entered into your dog’s throat, then hold them upside down and shake him hard to try and get the scrunchie out of his mouth.

Head Elevation:

If you can reach your dog in time before they have swallowed a scrunchie, then hold his head at a slightly elevated position. This will prevent the scrunchie from going down into your dog’s esophagus and causing even more damage.

Try Feeding Them:

If you have managed to lodge the scrunchie out of your dog’s throat but he is still choking, try to feed them a piece of white bread soaked in milk.

Visit the Vet:

If you are not able to get your dog to vomit out the scrunchie or lodge it out, then take your dog to the vet immediately where the vet will try to remove the scrunchie through surgery. The vet might also provide your dog with certain medications, which will reduce the vomiting and diarrhea until he recovers from the illness.

Watch Out for Signs:

If you suspect that your dog has swallowed a scrunchie, then watch out for signs of excessive drooling and vomiting. If you see that he starts to vomit or drool a lot then take him to the vet immediately.


With this we hope that now you have got all your queries regarding can a dog die from swallowing a scrunchie cleared. A dog will die only if the scrunchie goes into the throat and he is not able to breathe. However, there are some other problems that the dog will face upon swallowing a scrunchie including blockage in the esophagus, damage to the digestive tract, and perforation in the stomach. If you suspect that your dog has ingested a scrunchie then you must rush him to the vet immediately.


What happens if a dog swallows fabric?

If a dog swallows fabric then it can cause choking which will make the dog stop breathing, blockage in the esophagus, and perforation of the lining of their stomach.

How long does it take for a dog to pass something they swallowed?

It will take around 48 hours or even more for a dog to pass something that they have swallowed.

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